About Us

The Handoff team is no stranger to the traveling nurse lifestyle. The interviews at 4 am because you’re in a different time zone, the scurry to find a place to live, the struggle to pack too many things into a car, or buying a car to take to a Hawaii assignment. We’ve been there, and we’ve done that. After years of frustrating searches for a decent place to learn about a traveler’s experience at specific hospitals, we finally had to do something. 

We started simple with a small, 10 question survey and we asked our traveling friends and nurses to fill it out. We tried our best to get the word out to people this was a thing. The support was overwhelming, and nurses seem to want this! So here we are, a new website and a lot more questions later, looking to find new ways that we can make your lives, and our lives, easier!

The Handoff is run by nurses for nurses. We are a small team dedicated to creating the best resource for traveling practitioners to research their next contract. We hope this site will decrease the amount of times travelers will have to run to Facebook groups and ask the age-old question “Has anyone been to this hospital?” We nurses need a platform to help the next nurse and tell them about an awesome (or maybe, not-so-awesome) floor. Our hope is that this website helps you feel better informed about your next assignment, and that you feel good when you fill out a survey, because you’ve helped a fellow nurse.

We hope you might find time to let other traveling nurses know about us. And before you say yes to your new assignment, look at what the last nurse left behind to help you out. 

We hope your next shift is good, and maybe even easy!
The Handoff Team